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Manage & grow
your money.

Mastercard & wallet.
Digital experience.

Effortless & Flexible

A digital experience built on a mobile app enabling you to send, receive & manage money across multiple currencies in a digital wallet.

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We believe that money should be effortless and flexible

We are focused on building a digital experience. We believe that your experience should be effortless and flexible. 

Security matters to us
We are more safe and secure than banks at stopping fraud. For example, with our virtual prepaid Mastercards, you can set spending limits, purchase online and then dispose of the card after single-use, improving the level of security and reducing fraud. 

We're focused on protecting your data and money

Our processes and products have been designed to ensure this. Your money is held in a secure ring-fenced bank account.

Dedicated to offering value 
We are on a mission to make financial services valuable to our customers. This is why the Hryze MasterCard card is free of charge and we don't charge you a monthly fee to use our services. 

Let's get started.

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